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Why create a video for your restaurant?
Published 1 Oct, 2021

Managing a restaurant is a tricky business. Not only do you have to look after staff and make sure that food deliveries arrive on time, but you have to encourage customers to come through your doors.

If you are looking at ways to market your restaurant, café or food truck, video is a fantastic option. All you need to do is grab your smartphone and start filming!

Still not convinced? Here are four reasons why video marketing is the way forward for the food industry.

You can showcase your delicious food

Photos are great for showing off the great-tasting food you make, but a video takes things to the next level.

Customers can hear the mouth-watering crunch that your homemade bread makes, or see the unctuous gooey cheese as the fork digs into your signature pasta dish.

You can also show your chefs hard at work in the kitchen, filming the dishes as they are being prepared.

You can take customers on a tour of your restaurant

Restaurants aren’t just about the food. They’re about the ambience too.

With a video, you can show your customers what your restaurant is like. Show them your indoor seating area as well as any outdoor dining or bar areas. If you’re feeling daring, why not take them on a behind-the-scenes visit to your kitchen?

If you have any fun or quirky décor –  show it off!

You can get valuable social proof

It’s all very well and good telling customers that your food is yummy. However, if a friend or relative tells them it’s yummy… even better!

Testimonials play a valuable role in encouraging customers through the door. According to Nielsen, seven out of ten people trust reviews and recommendations – even from complete strangers.

If customers are happy to do so, film a short video of them saying how much they enjoyed their meal. You’ll then have some great footage that you can upload to your website or social media accounts!

You can introduce your staff

Don’t underestimate the customer experience in your restaurant. 70% of customers say that they would spend more money to do business with a company that delivers exemplary customer service.

With this in mind, create content that familiarises your customers with your front and back-of-house team – the servers, the chefs, the bar staff… even the office staff behind the scenes!

Ask your team questions. It could be anything from their favourite dish on the menu to why they love working at your restaurant. You can even ask them fun questions like what their superpower would be or which celebrity they’d most like to eat dinner with… this information really lets their personality shine through!

If you’re a little too busy to get filming, we’re here to help.

We will create a professional video that shows your restaurant off to prospective customers, boosting enquiries, reservations and most importantly… your revenue.