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The Sales Funnel
Published 19 Aug, 2020
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The Sales Funnel

August 2020

Where are your leads in your sales pipeline?

Though a sales funnel accounts for the stages of awareness, decision and buying that your leads experience, a pipeline outlines the specific materials and CTAs that you present to them and when. Asking about where in your pipeline that your leads are can help you to layout a content strategy for your list of videos.


At this stage, viewers realise their problem and discern an opportunity or a challenge. You should, therefore, tailor your videos in a way that attracts consumers and introduces your brand to a new audience.

Attracting potential leads while building awareness is the first stage of any sales funnel. Video marketing can now be used to distribute ads, instigate word of mouth and cross-promote your brand.


You should present your product in a way that puts your product on top of the competition. Ideally, you should tailor the content in a way that shows proof of customer satisfaction.

Converting your public spectators into believers is what the consideration phase of your sales funnel attempts to do. The second stage of your marketing funnel shows your leads that you’re an ideal choice from among their market options.


At this point, the viewer is contemplating different solutions to their problems by conducting research, looking for recommendations, and reading product reviews.

The “decision” your leads need to make isn’t in regards to seeing you as the best option, for the decision is in regards to if they will pay or not.