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How to utilise your TikTok profile…

November 2021

It’s a saying for a reason: You only get one shot, so make it count – and that first shot starts with your TikTok bio. Your bio makes more of an impact than you think and can help drive sales, traffic and followers. Keep reading for tips on how to optimise your bio by what to include.

Choosing a clear username and display name

It is essential that when setting up your account, you use a clear, memorable name. Having a clear name helps with relevant keyword searches and will boost your account when it can.  Your account name is also a massive part of your brand identity as it is featured on every video you make; if you’re a business, use your business name. You should try to keep your brand name the same across every platform so it’s easy to recognise.

Avoid using many numbers on the end of a name unless it is vital to your branding, but don’t have a user name like User8255739201, for example. It is not going to be memorable to people, and overall, it looks unprofessional.

Some successful accounts have been @charlidamelio and @sph2onge.

Famous tiktoker charli damelio tiktok bio, and company sph2onge TikTok bio.

Pick a profile picture that represents your brand

The power of a great profile picture is unmatched; a clear profile picture can help you gain followers and drive sales if you’re a business. Make sure your profile picture is of the highest quality, not significantly altered or blurry, if you’re a business, use the logo that you use across every platform. This is crucial as people can recognise you through different social media profiles.

Describe who you are or what you do, but keep it short.

Keep this short and sweet, describe what you do; if you’re a content creator, talk about the content you do in a sentence summary. Overall, talk about what niche you specialise in. Are you a make-up artist? Do you sell candles? Do you offer photography services? Use these and turn them into a short, quick sentence. 

As well as describing what you do, you can use this as a space to divert people to the link in your bio, describe what the link is e.g. 20% off Hoodies below.

You can add an emoji in your bio to change it up, but don’t go over the top, stick to 1-2 as it changes it up enough to not be spam-like. 

Company, coco cosmetics by chloe, bio close up.

Use CTA’s! 

Using a strong CTA is key for TikTok bio’s, if you have a personal brand you’re promoting, direct them to Instagram e.g. ‘Say Hi over on Insta👀’ This can look different if you’re advertising your business on TikTok as I talked about earlier you can have ‘Use code: TIKTOK10 for 10% off!😄’  

It is really about thinking, where you want this user to go to after they have viewed your TikTok videos or page, not having a CTA doesn’t give them an incentive. 

Links in bios are crucial! This can be a link to your website, shop, other social platforms such as Twitter or Instagram or a YouTube channel. You only have one chance at your link in bio, as TikTok only caters for one link per account, but allows you to change this up whenever you like.  

Company, Duo Lingo's TikTok bio close up.

Connect Instagram and YouTube 

Connect your other social media platforms to TikTok, it is one of the easiest platforms to grow on. So why not direct your growth onto your other social media profiles? As I said previously, it is about thinking about what you want the person, who consumes your content, to move on to next. If your main platform is Instagram, connect your Instagram, if your main platform is YouTube content, connect that. It depends on the type of content you’re creating as well, if you are posting funny videos that are clipped from your YouTube channel, then link that. 

Social media icons, on a black background, including, TikTok.

We hope this has helped you get started on your TikTok journey or improve your existing profile! If you need a hand get in touch with us and we can help.

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