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How to format your content

August 2020

Variable Lengths : Your industry and consumer profile dictate the length of your content during the decision phase. Regardless, your objective is to always present your information concisely whenever possible.

FAQ : All consumers have doubts, but you can address the doubts of your prospects by letting them know that you understand them. Use a FAQ video to let consumers “air out” their concerns as you provide them with suitable answers.

Reviews : Consider using a professional in your industry to give your viewers a final review of your product. You want to enforce the idea that your buyer knows what they’re getting and that your solution works.

Product Features and Benefits : Now recap your product’s benefits and features. Let your viewers settle once again with the reasons why they’re in need.

Say Thank You : Start with a message saying thank you to anyone who’s made a purchase.

Customer Support : Let your buyers know that they always have customer support when they need it.

Updates or Product Peeks : Ensure that you create a list of all of your buyers; with your list, you can send them updates individually.

Tips, Tricks and Hacks : Include secrets and creative uses for your product as a way of getting back in touch with your leads in a future date.