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How to distribute your content
Published 3 Aug, 2020
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How to distribute your content

August 2020

If you’ve made something worthwhile and profound, half the battle is over. Now let’s start on the second half of the battle, AKA winning the war. Where do you use your video?

How to Distribute Videos

After creating a fantastic video, you should get your target audience watching. Video content gets the desired results when distributed to the right channels. These can either be owned or paid platforms. Owned channels are the easiest and most cost-effective.

Video on a website

Start with an online location you have complete control over. If you have a website, social media sites, and access to online forums where video sharing is allowed, you already have a platform to boost your video views. Post your video on your own website and social media sites first and foremost. You can add commentary (or let the video speak for itself). You have complete control here. Use it.

Websites and Blogs

One of the best ways to have your content to reach potential consumers is by putting your video on the website pages. The more videos you have, the better.

Blogs contain educational, informative, and brand-specific content that endear potential consumers. Engage your blog visitors with a video that promotes your product. Also, you can incorporate your video into email newsletters.

Targeted videos for landing pages

If you own any landing pages, these are great introductory locations for your content. Toss that video into the mix and let more people have access to it. Create content for landing pages as well. People really engage well with video these days. The web isn’t just a wall of text anymore. It’s a living, breathing society that thrives when it receives living, breathing people talking to one another in videos. Landing pages are an ideal location to target your audience.

Here is the good news. New algorithms are giving video content a priority on social media. Paid channels such as influencer outreach and paid social media advertisements are also effective in product promotion.