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How TikTok is helping businesses…
Published 12 Nov, 2021

If you thought TikTok was just a kids app for dancing, you’re wrong! TikTok marketing has so much potential for you and your business. It is one of the best platforms to grow as you get a fair shot at being in the algorithm.

This is on people’s ‘FYP’ aka For You Page, which is the equivalent of a newsfeed but custom videos for you. Recently, if you haven’t seen, brands have been taking TikTok by storm! 

Corporate TikTok Marketing trendsetters…

Popular European airline company RyanAir has really set the lead for other businesses on TikTok. Over the past year they have gained 1.2M followers and over 34M likes. You’re probably thinking, how did they do this? Using new, fun marketing that is on trend. Opposed to your standard corporate marketing, that is quite dull and to the point. 

A famous video format for them is putting their face onto an airplane and pretending that the airplane is a character. It has also become a big thing as people want to know who the admin behind the TikTok is. However, they are yet to come forward. They match this format with popular, trending sounds on the app to formulate the perfect outcome. 

TikTok Marketing experts Ryan Air

Gain a worldwide fan base…

Putting views and likes aside, the comment section of their TikTok’s are something else, in a good way. They have won so many people’s promised custom from these videos, even people outside of Europe are jealous, especially those in America.

People want to be noticed by the admin in the comments constantly, so everyone comments in hopes they will also get a reply, i’m not joking when I say this admin is an internet celebrity! 

Not all comments are great, which RyanAir takes to an advantage by bantering with them back, showing they are self-aware and not completely shutting someone down publicly. Which has also them been recycled into TikTok content for them, via various trends. So overall, RyanAir has been killing it on TikTok!

TikTok Marketing experts Ryan Air.

Get with the times, start your TikTok venture!

Coming off from this, it is wild to look back and see how much corporate marketing has changed, from even two years back. If you told me RyanAir would be making TikTok’s as such to promote their brand, I wouldn’t have believed you. But times are ever changing and brands need to start thinking about how to target their ideal audience. Using each platform to identify what works, something on Facebook could be unsuccessful if posted on Twitter for example. 

I strongly suggest you start using TikTok to advertise your business on, take inspiration from RyanAir, look at the latest trends, songs and sounds going around and utilise that for your marketing. Like I said earlier, you also get a fair shot at being on the FYP. Which is great for organic growth, as long as you remember to hashtag it #FYP! Have fun on your new TikTok venture and don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your social media branding!

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