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How did the black out affect you?
Published 8 Oct, 2021

As many of you probably witnessed, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp went down Monday evening till late. This left a lot of social media users frustrated, as well as business owners who’s main streams of income is through Instagram or Facebook. 

Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg loses $7 Billion in the matter of hours! 

What we learnt during the black out…

Everyone who owns a business needs to look at other social media platforms to start promoting on and building an audience with, because if it were to happen again for just as long, you don’t know how much it is going to effect your business. 

The blackout Holy Trinity, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp are all owned by the same company, hence why they were all down at the same time. Where as Twitter and TikTok were both up and thriving, with more users than ever visiting both of the social media platforms. Another site that was up was LinkedIn, crucial for businesses all over the world, if you haven’t already, start a LinkedIn page for your business as it is crucial in times like these. 

Start a LinkedIn for yourself or your business

LinkedIn is easy to use, it is essentially the Facebook of the business world, except the major blackout issue! Not only is it good in times like these but it offers so much more business opportunities across the globe. Make connections with fellow business owners or people that work in the sector you do. As well as meeting new people or connecting with old colleagues you can also find your next job on there, overall, it is a very useful social media platform to have.

Take a look at our LinkedIn here.

But hey, could you imagine this 20 years ago?

It is wild how much the average person relies on social media to keep them entertained, people were going nuts over on Twitter talking about this! It is important that we all take time away from our personal social media accounts every now and then to really embrace the real world, that we often forget about. On a different note from that, it is also insane how we can use social media as a tool to market online to customers, the new era of technology is amazing for business. 

Need help managing your social media platforms? 

Managing your social media profiles can be increasingly difficult, especially when thinking about what to create, what to post, then how to manage your community of followers.

We take care of all aspects of Social Media – whether it’s creating accounts from scratch or creating bespoke content. All the content we produce for clients is tailored and customised to you and your brand, in order to help you grow in the digital world.