Explainer Video: 5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Explainer Video: 5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid


In the dynamic world of digital marketing, explainer videos have become an essential tool for businesses worldwide. However, many fall into common pitfalls that can hinder the effectiveness of these videos. To ensure your explainer video stands out and delivers results, it’s crucial to avoid these mistakes. In this guide, we’ll explore the most common mistakes and provide insights on how to steer clear of them.

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The Foundation of a Successful Explainer Video

Neglecting the Script

A well-crafted script is the cornerstone of a successful explainer video. It’s not just about the words that are spoken, but how they are articulated to convey the unique value proposition of your product or service. A script should be more than just a narration; it should be a story that resonates with your audience, drawing them in with a clear, concise, and engaging narrative.

The Importance of a Well-Written Script

Ignoring the script is akin to building a house without a foundation. It is imperative to invest time and resources in crafting a script that is both informative and captivating. A well-written script can be the difference between a viewer staying on to watch the entire video or clicking away.

Crafting the Perfect Script

To craft the perfect script, one must avoid overloading it with jargon and complex language. It is essential to strike a balance between being informative and maintaining a level of simplicity that caters to a broad audience. Incorporating feedback from different stakeholders, including potential customers, can provide diverse perspectives, enhancing the script’s quality and relevance.

Script Writing

Knowing Your Audience Inside Out

Failing to Define the Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is the key to creating a video that resonates with them. It’s not just about demographic details but delving into the psychographics of your audience to understand their pain points, preferences, and needs.

The Role of Audience Research

Audience research should not be a checkbox activity but a detailed process that informs the content, tone, and visual style of the video. Utilising tools and analytics to gather data can offer insights into the preferences of your target audience, ensuring the video is tailored to address their specific needs.

Creating a Viewer Persona

Creating a viewer persona can be a strategic move in defining your target audience. It involves picturing your ideal viewer and crafting the video to address their needs and preferences. This approach ensures that the video is not just a generic piece but a targeted tool that speaks directly to the people you intend to reach.

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Simplifying the Complex

Overcomplicating the Message

In the pursuit of creating an informative explainer video, creators often fall into the trap of overcomplicating the message. The primary purpose of an explainer video is to distil complex ideas into simple, digestible content. It is a delicate art to maintain the essence of the message while stripping away unnecessary complexities.

The Art of Simplicity

Simplicity should not be mistaken for superficiality. It is about presenting information in a manner that is easy to understand, yet rich in value. The best explainer videos are those that manage to convey a deep understanding of a subject concisely, avoiding the pitfall of perplexity while maintaining a high level of comprehensibility.

Techniques to Simplify Your Message

There are several techniques to simplify your message without losing its essence. Utilising analogies, metaphors, and storytelling can be powerful tools in breaking down complex ideas into simpler concepts. Moreover, a well-structured video with a clear beginning, middle, and end can guide the viewer seamlessly through the content, enhancing their understanding and retention.


Here’s a snippet from a video that has been produced for Urmet UK

The Visual Symphony: Crafting Engaging Visuals for Explainer Videos

Understanding the Role of Visuals

Visuals are not just an addition to the script; they are the heart of an explainer video. The power of visuals lies in their ability to convey complex messages in a simple, engaging manner. This makes them indispensable in creating an explainer video that captivates and informs.

Crafting a Visual Narrative

Creating a visual narrative involves more than just attractive graphics. It’s about weaving a story that complements the script, ensuring every visual element aligns with the overall message. This synchronisation between visuals and script is what makes an explainer video truly effective.

The Importance of Quality and Consistency

Quality visuals are essential in maintaining the professionalism and credibility of the video. Consistency in style, colour, and animation ensures a cohesive experience for the viewer, reinforcing the brand’s identity.

The Pitfall of Neglecting Visuals

Ignoring the importance of visuals can lead to a video that lacks impact and fails to engage the audience. High-quality visuals are crucial in grabbing the viewer’s attention and helping them understand the message quickly and effectively.

Leveraging Professional Expertise

Collaborating with professionals like The Sequence Agency can significantly enhance the visual quality of your explainer video. Their expertise in animation and design ensures that the visuals are not only appealing but also perfectly in sync with the script.

The Call-to-Action: Guiding the Viewer’s Journey

Crafting an Effective CTA

A compelling call-to-action (CTA) is the final, crucial element of an explainer video. It’s not just a closing statement; it’s a powerful tool that guides the viewer on what to do next. An effective CTA is clear, concise, and aligned with the objectives of the video.

The Art of Persuasion

The CTA should persuade viewers to take a specific action, whether it’s visiting a website, signing up for a service, or purchasing a product. It should seamlessly integrate with the narrative, providing a natural conclusion to the story told in the video.

Importance of a Strong CTA

A strong CTA can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the explainer video, driving conversions and encouraging viewer engagement. It’s a critical element in translating the viewer’s interest into tangible action.

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The Final Touches: Polishing Your Explainer Video

Review and Refinement

Once the script is written, the visuals crafted, and the CTA defined, it’s essential to review and refine the video. This process involves looking at the video as a whole and ensuring that every element works harmoniously together.

Feedback and Iteration

Gathering feedback from various stakeholders, including potential customers, is vital. Their insights can provide valuable perspectives, helping to refine and improve the video. Iterative revisions based on feedback ensure that the final product resonates with the intended audience.

Professional Production Values

High production values are crucial in setting your explainer video apart. This includes not only the visual and script elements but also the audio quality, voiceovers, and music. Ensuring that these components are of high quality enhances the overall viewer experience.

Collaborating with Experts

Partnering with an agency like The Sequence Agency ensures that your explainer video benefits from professional production values. Their expertise in crafting high-quality videos can elevate your content, ensuring it stands out in a crowded digital landscape.

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Maximising Impact and Ensuring Success with Your Explainer Video

Leveraging the Full Potential of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are more than just marketing tools; they are a means to connect with your audience, simplify complex ideas, and drive engagement. To ensure these videos reach their full potential, it’s crucial to address every aspect of their creation with care and precision.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Many businesses fall into avoidable traps that diminish the impact of their explainer videos. To ensure success, it’s important to sidestep these common errors:

  1. Lack of a Clear Message: Your video should have a clear, focused message. Avoid covering too much in a short span, which can confuse and overwhelm the viewer.
  2. Ignoring the Tone and Style: The tone and style of the video should reflect your brand’s personality. A mismatch can lead to a disconnect with the audience.
  3. Underestimating the Power of Storytelling: Stories engage and connect with people. Incorporating storytelling elements can significantly enhance the appeal of your video.

Ensuring High-Quality Production

High-quality production is key to making your explainer video stand out. This includes professional-quality animation, clear and crisp audio, and a well-matched voiceover. Investing in these areas can drastically improve the overall effectiveness of the video.

Measuring Success: Analytics and Feedback

Utilising Analytics

To gauge the success of your explainer video, utilise analytics tools to track viewer engagement, watch time, and conversion rates. These metrics provide valuable insights into how your video is performing and what aspects may need tweaking.

Gathering and Acting on Feedback

Don’t underestimate the value of viewer feedback. Collect and analyse viewer responses to understand what works and what doesn’t. This continuous feedback loop is essential for refining and improving your video content over time.

The Role of Distribution and Promotion

Choosing the Right Platforms

The distribution of your explainer video plays a crucial role in its success. Choose platforms that align with your target audience’s preferences. Whether it’s social media, your website, or email campaigns, each platform offers unique opportunities to reach and engage your audience.

Effective Promotion Strategies

Promoting your video through various channels increases its visibility and impact. Consider using social media advertising, email marketing, or embedding the video on your landing page. Effective promotion ensures your video reaches a wider audience and maximises its potential.

Partnering with Experts for Enhanced Results

The Benefits of Professional Collaboration

Collaborating with an experienced agency like The Sequence Agency can greatly enhance the quality and impact of your explainer video. Their expertise in scriptwriting, animation, and marketing ensures that your video is not only aesthetically pleasing but also strategically aligned with your marketing goals.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

A professional agency can provide tailored solutions that fit your specific needs and objectives. They can help translate your ideas into a compelling video narrative that resonates with your target audience and amplifies your brand message.

Conclusion: Harnessing the Power of Explainer Videos

In conclusion, creating a successful explainer video involves a holistic approach that includes a well-crafted script, engaging visuals, a clear call-to-action, and thoughtful distribution and promotion. By avoiding common mistakes and focusing on these key elements, businesses can create powerful explainer videos that effectively communicate their message, engage their audience, and drive tangible results.

Your Next Steps to Video Success

As you embark on your journey to create an explainer video, remember the importance of clarity, simplicity, engagement, and quality. Partnering with The Sequence Agency can be your gateway to producing an explainer video that not only looks great but also delivers on your marketing objectives. Embrace the power of explainer videos and take your digital marketing to the next level.