How videos can help you with SEO

How videos can help you with SEO

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How videos can help you with SEO

How videos can help you with SEO

Creating video content for your website has a wide range of benefits. You can increase brand awareness, grow your leads and increase the time prospective buyers spend on your site.

However, did you know that videos can help boost your search engine rankings too, making your site more likely to be found?
Let’s look at how videos can improve your SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO is short for ‘search engine optimisation’. It’s when you optimise your website content so that you appear higher in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

When people search for specific keywords on search engines, you want your website to appear as close to the top of the search results as possible, ideally on the first page.

In fact, the top five results on the first page of Google account for two out of every three clicks!

Three ways how videos can boost your SEO

Now that you know what SEO does, you’ll want to see how a good quality video can help get you to the top of the rankings.

Here are three ways that a video can help with search engine optimisation.

1. Video increases the amount of time people stay on your website.

The amount of time visitors spend on your website is a positive ranking signal for SEO. This means that the longer people stay, the more likely the search engines will think your site is a good source of information.

According to Wistia, people will spend nearly three times as long on a page with video than one without.

It’s essential to make any videos you create as interesting as possible – you want to hold your visitor’s attention as long as you can.

2. Video increases the odds of backlinks.

Backlinks are another way that you can improve your SEO. When other high-quality websites link back to you, it’s a sign that your site is a trusted source of information.

With an entertaining or informative video, you provide value to other sites and increase the likelihood of them sharing your content with their own visitors.

Adding share buttons on or next to any videos you create makes it easier for people to promote your content.

3. Search engines prefer to link to video content.

Both Bing and Google have separate tabs for video content, meaning that with a video, you’re more likely to show up in the search engines!

If you have a video on your page, Google will add a short snippet to go alongsideyour page listing, making visitors more likely to click.

Our top tip… did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world after Google? Upload your video to YouTube for increased visibility!

Want to boost your SEO? We are here to help.

Looking for a video to tell prospective customers more about your product or service? The Sequence will create an exciting video to showcase your brand and improve your presence in the search engine rankings.

Contact us today to find out more.

Still aren’t sure where to begin with SEO videos? Don’t have the time? We are here to help!

We curate tailored videos that will help you challenge your competitors and boost your SEO.

Videos for social media: How to create the most engaging content

Videos for social media: How to create the most engaging content

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Videos for social media: How to create the most engaging content

It’s official; video is taking over the world of social media.

No matter which social media platforms you use for your business, videos are more likely to engage and entertain users and most importantly… encourage them to buy.

Did you know that tweets with videos see ten times more engagement than those without?

Want to create videos that will get a lot of likes? Here are our top tips.

Add Value

Before you hit that record button, think about the purpose of your video. You want to put something out that entertains or educates your viewers.

Think about your target audience and what they like and dislike. That way, you will know what kind of content will be of the most interest to them.

Our top tip – people are curious by nature, so create a video that will encourage them to tune in.

Buzzfeed did this on their Facebook Live feed by seeing how many rubber bands they could wrap around a watermelon!

Keep it short and sweet

The average attention span for humans is now eight seconds. To give this some extra context, goldfish now have longer attention spans than we do!

This means that any videos you put out on social media need to get to the point quickly. We’d recommend keeping any videos you upload under a minute long. Plan your video before you record it and get rid of any irrelevant information.

Try and have your key message at the start of your video. This may feel a little counter-productive but that way, if people don’t watch all of your video, they’ll still be aware of what you’re promoting.

Use subtitles

When we’re looking at social media on our phones, the chances are that we will have it on mute. This means that if you have audio on your video, you will need to have subtitles.

85% of videos on Facebook are watched without the sound on. The good news is that it is easy to add captions to a social media video. You can add captions to any videos on YouTube, and there are lots of free mobile apps like Clips and AutoCap.

As well as helping those with their phones on mute, you’re also helping people that are hard of hearing.

Make the most of user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is content that your followers have created. UGC works really well as it is authentic and highlights what people love the most about your brand.

Customers say that UGC is 2.4 times as authentic than content created by brands. This makes a short video taken by one of your biggest fans a brilliant opportunity to get more eyes on your service or product.

There are rules in place for UGC. Always ask for permission before sharing a video, and remember to tag the creator in the post.

Need a little help with your social media videos?

If you’re unsure where to start with your social media videos, we are here to help.

We’ll create exciting and engaging videos that are pitched towards your target audience, encouraging them to find out more about you.

Contact us today and find out more about the benefits that video can bring to your business.

Still aren’t sure where to begin with a client testimonial video? Don’t have the time? We are here to help!

We can create high-quality, pitch-perfect video testimonials for your business. We will curate, film and edit as many videos as you need, giving you the social proof your company needs to bring in brand new business.

How to create the perfect testimonial video

How to create the perfect testimonial video

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How to create the perfect testimonial video

Can video testimonials create social proof?

Social proof is when customers adapt their behaviour in line with what other people are doing.

This is what makes testimonial videos so powerful. When your clients tell other people why you’re so great to work with, they’ll be more likely to work with you too.

According to Nielsen, seven out of ten people will trust reviews and recommendations from people, even if they have not met them before.

If you’re not using them already, testimonial videos are easy to make and can help generate up to 62% more revenue for your business.

Here’s how to create an awesome client testimonial video that will mean more eyes on your business.

How to film a great testimonial video

In the past, you had to buy or hire expensive equipment to shoot your video. Now you can film your testimonials using your phone or laptop!

The video quality of the latest smartphones and computers has vastly increased over the past few years. This means you can easily create fantastic testimonial footage, all by tapping a button.

Here are three ways you can film your videos:

1# Filming your client face-to-face

If you are face-to-face with your client, you can film them talking using your smartphone. We recommend buying a tripod. These are easy to use, affordable and will make your final footage look much more professional.

#2 Your client films a testimonial for you

If you can’t see your client, they can film a testimonial on their phone and send it to you.

You can email across a list of questions you would like them to answer (more on that later). They can then record the footage at a time convenient to them.

#3 Filming your client on a video call

Why not get on a Zoom call with your client and record your meeting? This is great if your client is based far away from you or is working from home.

Don’t forget to get permission before you hit the record button!

Editing your testimonial video

Don’t worry if there are gaps in your footage or your client pauses a lot. You can edit the footage afterwards to make it flow better and remove any dead air.

All smartphones come with their own video editing software that you can use to tweak your videos on the go. There is also Movie Maker 10 for Windows and iMovie for IOS; both are free and simple to use.

Keep your testimonial video short and sweet – if it’s too long your viewers will get bored! We recommend 60 seconds tops.

The best questions to ask

To make an impactful testimonial, you will have to guide your client through the video with some well-thought-out questions. 

We recommend sending your client the questions in advance before you film. That way, they will have time to prepare.

Here are some of our favourites.

  • What problems did you have before you worked with us?
  • Why did you choose to work with us?
  • How do you use the products or services we provide?
  • What benefits have you found by working with us?
  • What do you like most about working with us?
  • Why would you recommend us to other people?
  • Is there anything else you would like to say? This is an important one as your client may say something you hadn’t thought of

And there you have it… how to create the perfect testimonial video! We hope this guide has inspired you to dust off your camera and get filming.

Still aren’t sure where to begin with a client testimonial video? Don’t have the time? We are here to help!

We can create high-quality, pitch-perfect video testimonials for your business. We will curate, film and edit as many videos as you need, giving you the social proof your company needs to bring in brand new business.

The Sales Funnel

The Sales Funnel

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The Sales Funnel

Where are your leads in your sales pipeline?

Though a sales funnel accounts for the stages of awareness, decision and buying that your leads experience, a pipeline outlines the specific materials and CTAs that you present to them and when. Asking about where in your pipeline that your leads are can help you to layout a content strategy for your list of videos.


At this stage, viewers realise their problem and discern an opportunity or a challenge. You should, therefore, tailor your videos in a way that attracts consumers and introduces your brand to a new audience.

Attracting potential leads while building awareness is the first stage of any sales funnel. Video marketing can now be used to distribute ads, instigate word of mouth and cross-promote your brand.


You should present your product in a way that puts your product on top of the competition. Ideally, you should tailor the content in a way that shows proof of customer satisfaction.

Converting your public spectators into believers is what the consideration phase of your sales funnel attempts to do. The second stage of your marketing funnel shows your leads that you’re an ideal choice from among their market options.


At this point, the viewer is contemplating different solutions to their problems by conducting research, looking for recommendations, and reading product reviews.

The “decision” your leads need to make isn’t in regards to seeing you as the best option, for the decision is in regards to if they will pay or not.

How to distribute your content

How to distribute your content

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How to distribute your content

If you’ve made something worthwhile and profound, half the battle is over. Now let’s start on the second half of the battle, AKA winning the war. Where do you use your video?

How to Distribute Videos

After creating a fantastic video, you should get your target audience watching. Video content gets the desired results when distributed to the right channels. These can either be owned or paid platforms. Owned channels are the easiest and most cost-effective.

Video on a website

Start with an online location you have complete control over. If you have a website, social media sites, and access to online forums where video sharing is allowed, you already have a platform to boost your video views. Post your video on your own website and social media sites first and foremost. You can add commentary (or let the video speak for itself). You have complete control here. Use it.

Websites and Blogs

One of the best ways to have your content to reach potential consumers is by putting your video on the website pages. The more videos you have, the better.

Blogs contain educational, informative, and brand-specific content that endear potential consumers. Engage your blog visitors with a video that promotes your product. Also, you can incorporate your video into email newsletters.

Targeted videos for landing pages

If you own any landing pages, these are great introductory locations for your content. Toss that video into the mix and let more people have access to it. Create content for landing pages as well. People really engage well with video these days. The web isn’t just a wall of text anymore. It’s a living, breathing society that thrives when it receives living, breathing people talking to one another in videos. Landing pages are an ideal location to target your audience.

Here is the good news. New algorithms are giving video content a priority on social media. Paid channels such as influencer outreach and paid social media advertisements are also effective in product promotion.

How to format your content

How to format your content

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How to format your content

Variable Lengths : Your industry and consumer profile dictate the length of your content during the decision phase. Regardless, your objective is to always present your information concisely whenever possible.

FAQ : All consumers have doubts, but you can address the doubts of your prospects by letting them know that you understand them. Use a FAQ video to let consumers “air out” their concerns as you provide them with suitable answers.

Reviews : Consider using a professional in your industry to give your viewers a final review of your product. You want to enforce the idea that your buyer knows what they’re getting and that your solution works.

Product Features and Benefits : Now recap your product’s benefits and features. Let your viewers settle once again with the reasons why they’re in need.

Say Thank You : Start with a message saying thank you to anyone who’s made a purchase.

Customer Support : Let your buyers know that they always have customer support when they need it.

Updates or Product Peeks : Ensure that you create a list of all of your buyers; with your list, you can send them updates individually.

Tips, Tricks and Hacks : Include secrets and creative uses for your product as a way of getting back in touch with your leads in a future date.