Best Christmas adverts of 2021

Best Christmas adverts of 2021

The festive season is upon us, with only a few days until Christmas. Let’s take a look at some of the best Christmas adverts this year!

Aldi returns with Kevin the Carrot!

This year Kevin teaches lessons of joy and goodwill to boring, rude Banana Scrooge. The animated advert features a cameo from a footballer, Marcus Rashford, or should I say Radishford! This year Marcus helped feed hungry children up and down the country, so it only seemed right to include him in the heartwarming ad. 

You can also notice the fun poke at rival M&S, after the caterpillar cake incident this year. You can see him being arrested by two police lemons! 

No Celebrations for the lonely Bounty…

A more comedic advert as opposed to the tearjerkers, but it can’t help make you feel sorry for the Bounty bar! It tells a story of no one liking the Bounty bar on a dating site or at a singles’ night. But in the end, he finds his perfect match with a not-so-favourite Christmas vegetable, a Brussel Sprout. We really like this comedic advert by Celebrations. 

John Lewis, the one everyone has been waiting for. 

A young boy teaches the joy of Christmas to a young alien called Skye after her ship crashed on Earth. He takes her through all the traditional festive period activities, including showing her how to eat a mince pie. Where she proceeds to eat the tinfoil, then is immediately told not to, which made viewers chuckle.

Whilst it is a lovely advert, many people were let down by it, multiple said it hasn’t met their expectations. What do you think of it? 

Consequences of the pandemic with Amazon

Amazon celebrates love and kindness this year. Soundtracked by Adele, with her new song ‘Hold On’

They show a woman noticing her younger neighbour, who seems to be dealing with anxiety after the global pandemic, due to COVID19. She shares a smile with her whilst she feeds the birds, which leads to her gifting her neighbour with a bird feeder of her own. Showing how small, yet, effective acts of kindness can be. 

Frozen in time 

This year Sainsbury’s advert shows everyone back together for Christmas, with a freeze-frame. In this freeze frame, they travel through Christmas in everybody’s eyes including; eating Christmas dinner, the tired family members and the children playing. It is a really cool and different way to capture every family members ways of spending Christmas Day. 

That concludes our list of favourite Christmas adverts from 2021, let us know your favourite ones below!

Which social media platforms should you use for your business?

Which social media platforms should you use for your business?

Nearly 8 out of 10  people in the UK have at least one social media account they use regularly.

This means having a presence on social media is no longer just ‘nice to have’ – it’s essential.

When you have a new business, you may be wondering which social media platforms to use. While it may be tempting to have an account on every channel, this can cause you to spread yourself too thin.

It’s better to choose one or two platforms and focus on them.

If you’re wondering which social media platform to use for your business, we’ve put together some guidance to help you pick.

1. Consider your target audience

Take a look at the target audience you want to appeal to. The demographics and interests of your primary marketing persona will help you decide which social media platform (or platform) to use.

For example, take TikTok. 47% of users are under 29, while only 11% of users are 50+. This means if your key demographic is retirees, it’s probably not the best choice.

Similarly, 71% of Pinterest users are female, meaning if your product or service appeals to men, you won’t get a lot of traction.

Target audience Social Media Platforms

2. Consider your product or service

What you are selling can play a significant part in which social media platform to use.

If you are selling clothes, makeup, or home accessories, using an image-led platform like Instagram or Pinterest will showcase your best products and boost your business. Plus, both of these platforms let your customers buy directly on the platform!

If you provide B2B services like recruitment or accounting, then LinkedIn has over 55 million registered businesses that you can introduce your company to.

3. Consider where you are selling to

If you are selling to international markets, this can critically impact the social media platforms you use.

For example, many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are banned in China. So if you want to grow your brand in China, you may have to consider a Chinese alternative like Weibo, Douyin or Renren.

Similarly, TikTok is banned in India and Pakistan. If you do a lot of business in either of these countries, TikTok may have to come off the table.

Map on keyboard, Social Media Platforms

4. Consider your own skillset

We have our preferred social media platforms. For example, some of us love spending time on Twitter but hate having to scroll through Facebook, and vice versa.

If you’re already on a social media platform, it makes sense to use it for your business. You know how to use it, you know who to follow, and it means you don’t have to spend time learning how to upload content to a brand new platform

Social Media Platforms

Need a little extra support with your social media? The Sequence can look after your social media platform of choice, posting unique images and catchy wording that will help boost your brand and bring you business.

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How to utilise your TikTok profile…

How to utilise your TikTok profile…

As many of you probably witnessed, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp went down Monday evening till late. This left a lot of social media users frustrated, as well as business owners who’s main streams of income is through Instagram or Facebook. 

Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg loses $7 Billion in the matter of hours! 

What we learnt during the black out…

Everyone who owns a business needs to look at other social media platforms to start promoting on and building an audience with, because if it were to happen again for just as long, you don’t know how much it is going to effect your business. 

The blackout Holy Trinity, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp are all owned by the same company, hence why they were all down at the same time. Where as Twitter and TikTok were both up and thriving, with more users than ever visiting both of the social media platforms. Another site that was up was LinkedIn, crucial for businesses all over the world, if you haven’t already, start a LinkedIn page for your business as it is crucial in times like these. 

Start a LinkedIn for yourself or your business

LinkedIn is easy to use, it is essentially the Facebook of the business world, except the major blackout issue! Not only is it good in times like these but it offers so much more business opportunities across the globe. Make connections with fellow business owners or people that work in the sector you do. As well as meeting new people or connecting with old colleagues you can also find your next job on there, overall, it is a very useful social media platform to have.

Take a look at our LinkedIn here.

But hey, could you imagine this 20 years ago?

It is wild how much the average person relies on social media to keep them entertained, people were going nuts over on Twitter talking about this! It is important that we all take time away from our personal social media accounts every now and then to really embrace the real world, that we often forget about. On a different note from that, it is also insane how we can use social media as a tool to market online to customers, the new era of technology is amazing for business. 

Need help managing your social media platforms? 

Managing your social media profiles can be increasingly difficult, especially when thinking about what to create, what to post, then how to manage your community of followers.

We take care of all aspects of Social Media – whether it’s creating accounts from scratch or creating bespoke content. All the content we produce for clients is tailored and customised to you and your brand, in order to help you grow in the digital world.

6 ways email marketing can help to grow your business

6 ways email marketing can help to grow your business

If you’re looking for an easy and cost-effective way to grow your business, email marketing can be a great option.

A recent study shows that email marketing has the most significant return on investment (ROI) of all marketing channels, generating an incredible $38 for every $1 spent. 

Still not convinced that email marketing is right for your business? Here are some of the benefits a solid email marketing strategy can have.

1. Email marketing is low-cost

If you have a small marketing budget, you can use email marketing to entice potential customers into making a purchase.

Most of the email marketing platforms available are either free to use or low-cost. All you need to do is think of some creative content to include in your next email newsletter!

2. You’re engaging people who are already interested in your brand

As people have to opt-in to receive your emails, you’re reaching out to people who have already bought from you or may consider purchasing in the future.

Email can be a great way to keep prospective customers warm and nurture them until they are ready to buy.

The Sequence Agency Email Marketing

3. Emails are easy to target

Let’s say you run a clothing store. Rather than sending one generic email communication to all your subscribers, you can narrow it down to their specific needs. For example, you can have one mailing list for shoes, one for dresses and one for hats. If emails are focused on your customer’s requirements, they are more likely to engage.

Want to reach out to your least-engaged email followers? Send them a discount code to entice them back to your website!

4. Statistics are readily available

With email marketing, you can access open rates and click-through rates, making it easy to see if your email campaign has been a success.

Some platforms even let you see which contacts have opened your message, giving you valuable information to pass on to your sales team.

5. You can automate your marketing

One of the things we love about email marketing is that you can automate the emails you send out.

For example, let’s say someone has visited your eCommerce site, put something in their shopping cart and not made a purchase. You can send an automated email encouraging them to come back and finish the transaction. 

According to Experian, customers are 2.4 times more likely to make a purchase when they receive multiple automated reminders.

6. Emails are easy to share

Everyone nowadays has a work and personal email address. This means it’s easy for your customers to forward offers and promotions to friends and family. 

Not only could this lead to additional sales for your business, but new subscribers for your mailing list too!

Need a little extra support with your Email Marketing? The Sequence can help, creating unique content, that will help boost your brand and bring you business.

How TikTok is helping businesses…

How TikTok is helping businesses…

If you thought TikTok was just a kids app for dancing, you’re wrong! TikTok marketing has so much potential for you and your business. It is one of the best platforms to grow as you get a fair shot at being in the algorithm.

This is on people’s ‘FYP’ aka For You Page, which is the equivalent of a newsfeed but custom videos for you. Recently, if you haven’t seen, brands have been taking TikTok by storm! 

Corporate TikTok Marketing trendsetters…

Popular European airline company RyanAir has really set the lead for other businesses on TikTok. Over the past year they have gained 1.2M followers and over 34M likes. You’re probably thinking, how did they do this? Using new, fun marketing that is on trend. Opposed to your standard corporate marketing, that is quite dull and to the point. 

A famous video format for them is putting their face onto an airplane and pretending that the airplane is a character. It has also become a big thing as people want to know who the admin behind the TikTok is. However, they are yet to come forward. They match this format with popular, trending sounds on the app to formulate the perfect outcome. 

TikTok Marketing experts Ryan Air

Gain a worldwide fan base…

Putting views and likes aside, the comment section of their TikTok’s are something else, in a good way. They have won so many people’s promised custom from these videos, even people outside of Europe are jealous, especially those in America.

People want to be noticed by the admin in the comments constantly, so everyone comments in hopes they will also get a reply, i’m not joking when I say this admin is an internet celebrity! 

Not all comments are great, which RyanAir takes to an advantage by bantering with them back, showing they are self-aware and not completely shutting someone down publicly. Which has also them been recycled into TikTok content for them, via various trends. So overall, RyanAir has been killing it on TikTok!

TikTok Marketing experts Ryan Air.

Get with the times, start your TikTok venture!

Coming off from this, it is wild to look back and see how much corporate marketing has changed, from even two years back. If you told me RyanAir would be making TikTok’s as such to promote their brand, I wouldn’t have believed you. But times are ever changing and brands need to start thinking about how to target their ideal audience. Using each platform to identify what works, something on Facebook could be unsuccessful if posted on Twitter for example. 

I strongly suggest you start using TikTok to advertise your business on, take inspiration from RyanAir, look at the latest trends, songs and sounds going around and utilise that for your marketing. Like I said earlier, you also get a fair shot at being on the FYP. Which is great for organic growth, as long as you remember to hashtag it #FYP! Have fun on your new TikTok venture and don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your social media branding!

Follow us on TikTok 😄

We are starting out with TikTok, follow us and stay tuned for content!

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